Samsung washer repair

Samsung Washer Repair

Appliances Electrical Services Specializes in Samsung Washer Repair.

Our company has recently taken note that its customers are big fans of Samsung washers and dryers. It is no wonder as Samsung has enjoyed 4 consecutive years as J.D. Power and Associates “highest rated in customer satisfaction with clothes washer and dryers,” since 2008. With a rise in Samsung washer repair calls throughout Los Angeles, Appliances Electrical Services has added to its staff of Samsung-certified appliance repair technicians. As Samsung continues to refine its washer line with front and top-loading washers, we  dedicated to staying on top Samsung’s product line extension as quickly as they bring new washers to commerce.

Appliances Electrical Services stays on top of its home appliances. As soon as the company signs on a technician, the first order of business is Samsung school, followed by training in all other major brands of home appliances to ensure that we have the top expert appliance repair technicians in Los Angeles.

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There is plenty of expert Samsung washing machine repair technicians to stay on top of, such as Samsung’s noise-reducing VRT technology, its deep-cleaning PowerFoam™, its self-cleaning PureCycle, and super capacity for extra loads. With Samsung’s newest lines of super capacity washers, families are saving water and electricity while freeing up more time.

We recently attended Samsung training to learn more about the brand’s Vibration Reduction Technology washing machines. Our technicians learned that these new washers can be installed on second floors or near bedrooms because Samsung’s new technology allows for smoother operation at spin speeds up to 1300 revolutions per minute. At this speed, vibration and noise are greatly reduced. Another advantage is that this Samsung technology also helps handling of unbalanced loads.

The introduction by Samsung of its PowerFoam™ Technology is one more new feature AES is on top of thanks to its Samsung factory training. This Samsung-exclusive technology creates a deep-cleaning foam that is kinder to fabric. Basically, the new Samsung washers create foam from detergent, water and air during the wash cycle. It is automatically dispensed from the drum allowing the foam to permeate fabrics more effectively.

What Appliances Electrical Services has learned from Samsung’s training materials is that PowerFoam “penetrates fabrics more deeply, thoroughly and up to 40 times faster than detergent in conventional washers so you can confidently wash large and bulky loads like king-size comforters.”

Another Samsung washing machine innovation is a self-cleaning washer. Similar to your self-cleaning stove, with Samsung’s PureCycle™ technology, all a customer needs to do is push a button to activate a self-cleaning process. These Samsung washers remove dirt and detergent residue from the drum using high speed spinning and hot water instead of special cleaners with harsh chemicals. This process saves consumers money and is environmentally friendly. We are proud to announce that it is also expert in servicing Samsung’s washers that as part of their functionality offer an NSF® certified sanitization cycle, that eliminates 99.9% of household germs from laundry.

Our company has long been an expert in servicing ENERGY STAR® certified steam washers for residential and commercial customers.  We are proud to service Samsung’s steam washing machines. For families needing a little more cleaning power, such as in the removal of grease and ground-in dirt, Samsung’s steam washers provide optimal cleaning without pre-treatment.
AES services many brands are certified with ENERGY STAR®. This valuable certification guarantees that any such designated appliances helps the environment by using less energy, which means less money you spend on electricity. ENERGY STAR® is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

Appliances Electrical Services has expanded its Samsung washer repair technicians in order to reduce the time from call for repair or service throughout Los Angeles. In today’s highly competitive market, AES strives to stay on top of Samsung innovations and to ensure that our technicians are Los Angeles’ premier  Samsung appliance repair experts.

We suggest that with your Samsung washing machines and other appliances, that you set up a regular maintenance schedule to ensure optimal functioning of your washer. When your Samsung washer works well, it will also last longer. Still, at times, mechanical parts will wear out, a digital component will need replacement, external events happen to compromise an appliance – and when they do – Appliances Electrical Services is your go-to expert Samsung appliance repair company for your Samsung washing machine and any other household appliances.

We service all home appliances including stoves, ovens, ranges, cook-tops, vents, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, ice machines, wine cooling & storage units, microwaves, appliances, garbage disposals, trash compactors, washers, dryers, air conditioning/heating and connective systems – every Samsung appliance technician Samsung factory-trained. We also maintain similar level certification with all other major home appliance product lines, making AES Los Angeles’ foremost experts in home appliance repair.

We also maintain a product recall information hotline. If you ever need information on your Samsung or other brand appliances, Appliances Electrical Services is your go-to provider of that information.

Samsung is a top-rated appliance brand, however, like any other brand, from time to time their appliances may be subject to recall. If they are, you can check this link for experts and know with certainty that even in the event of a recall, We are Samsung factory-trained to effect any needed repairs or service to  your  appliance.

Older Samsung jumbo dryers and dishwashers were recalled in 2007. Here is a link to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission notice:

AES technicians have not only completed Samsung factory training, but have completed an  apprentice program. In addition, our expert appliance technicians have passed a complete background check and are licensed, bonded and insured.

A special perk that our company provides it customers is actually pretty standard to Appliances Electrical Services. With every service visit, we take the time to instruction appliance owners in their proper operation of any household appliance, followed by a routine troubleshooting check up; and, if needed, with minor maintenance.

AES Samsung appliance repair technicians are encouraged to maintain certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians and/or the Certified Appliance Professional.

To schedule your Samsung washing machine repair or other service need, do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone. In most areas we will provide same-day service and on-the-spot repair. If replacement parts are needed, AES can typically arrange for overnight delivery.

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